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Shifting Trends in L&D Technology & Measurement

Welcome to our “Leaders in Corporate Learning” blog series! We sat down with Robert Young, Director of Learning Analytics and Technology at..

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Mindmarker’s New Look

Mindmarker has grown since we began our journey as a training reinforcement company. Now, many customers use Mindmarker to deliver entire training..

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What’s Next? Three questions for HR Professionals

HR Professionals: Use this short checklist to help design reinforcement strategies that will increase retention and change behavior.


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Why Investing in Training Reinforcement Leads to Largest ROI

Training reinforcement increases knowledge retention and results in significant behavior change. Here are 6 reasons why companies invest in..

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Use Mindmarker to Stay Current with COVID-19

Use Mindmarker’s education program to stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding COVID-19.

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When is a Question a Good Question?

During a reinforcement course, we gather as much data as possible. This provides organizations with the information to analyze their training,..

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5 Ways to Spend Less Time Following Up After Training

Many trainers struggle with is post-training follow-up, this is an essential step to have the highest impact possible.

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How to Increase Sales Productivity After Training

Training typically stops after the learner finishes their course. However, training should encompass everything that happens during and after your..

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Sales Training Tip: How to Increase Your Sales Team's Potential

You’ve trained your team but they’re not living up to their full potential. Reinforcement will make all the difference. 

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