Gaps in Learning

How do you address and close the gaps?

Understanding the Five Gaps of Reinforcement

Just because participants have undergone training doesn’t mean they are prepared to immediately change their behavior as a result. In fact, lack of consistent reinforcement after completing a training program or learning course is one of the main reasons why so many teachings fail to stick.

Addressing a Common Problem

Imagine this: A leader goes to training to develop their delegation skills. After training, he or she is expected to demonstrate certain behavior changes. 

Far too often, organizations only focus on reinforcing knowledge and skills, but for behavior change to be successful, and sustainable, it requires filling more than just those two gaps. 

What happens if gaps are not filled?

Without proper post-training reinforcement, that leader struggles because retained knowledge of delegation models is lacking, which means important skills are also missing. Not to mention, internal motivation is not present because the environment needed to effectively delegate was not created, and now, delegation procedures are not clear.

Demotivation will inevitably set in if there are no clear procedures in place for Training Reinforcement. It will set in much more quickly if a participant doesn't feel that he or she has an environment of support and feedback to develop skills and effectively change behavior. 

Ultimately, this leader will not be able to show the desired behavior change and the training is deemed unsuccessful. By implementing an effective reinforcement program, you bridge the five common gaps that lead to low training success rates.

Not sure if you have successfully closed the gaps in your training reinforcement program? Not even sure how to begin figuring that out? We put together this handy infographic as your resource to get you started on the right path. 

5 Gaps of Training Reinforcement

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