How Effective is Your Sales Training?

How Effective is Your Sales Training?

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Did you know that nearly 13% of all jobs in the US are full-time sales positions? It’s very well known that sales professionals are strapped for time. Pulling a sales member out of the field for additional training or refresher courses will often have little-to-no effect on your organization’s bottom line.

It has become more important than ever to create sales training programs that can produce measurable results based on lasting behavior changes and increased knowledge retention.

Tracking Your Sales Results

The good thing is that sales results are the easiest to track for most organizations. A typical organization will track sales by one or more of the following:

  • Call volume
  • Customer contact
  • Deals completed
  • Revenue generated
Sales Training and Getting Results

There are a lot of companies that offer sales training, however, the focus has slowly evolved from getting results to getting sales people trained and out the door as quickly as possible. But, applying new knowledge and skills takes time and experience in the field.

It’s becoming harder for training providers to prove why their training program is better than others. Training reinforcement solves this problem.

Mindmarker Training Reinforcement provides continuous learning after training has ended, focusing on changing your sales teams’ behaviors, creating a lasting effect in many areas, including the following:

  • Increase in deals won
  • Increase in sales volume
  • Increase in existing clients
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Improvement in individual performance
Sales Training Reinforcement Example

Take for example a recent Mindmarker B2B sales training client:

Following training in the classroom, the client used a 9-week Mindmarker Reinforcement Program to reinforce knowledge and skills. They had the following results:

  • 29.8% increase in deals won.
  • 85% increase in lead-to-deal conversion rate (.8% to 1.4%). Before Mindmarker Reinforcement, it took more than 128 leads to close one deal. After Reinforcement, it took less than 75 leads.
  • 23% increase in average time-to-conversion rate. It takes about 65 days (was 84 days) to convert a lead to an opportunity and 13 days (was 18) to convert it into a deal.
Effective Training Reinforcement

For training to be effective, it needs to be reinforced after classroom training has ended. By using training reinforcement, you are solidifying knowledge learned during training and changing your sales team’s behaviors.

When used correctly, training reinforcement data can then be used to create Actionable Intelligence. With Actionable Intelligence, you’ll be able to identify training issues, track trends, and make organizational decisions to improve your training effectiveness and drive organizational improvement.

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