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Why You Need to Reinforce Employee Onboarding

Organizations conduct training on a variety of topics, but employee onboarding training is one..

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Understanding the Five Gaps of Reinforcement

A lack of consistent reinforcement after completing a training program is one of the main..

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Myths About Personalized Learning

We define personalized learning as using technology to give learners greater control over their..

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Reinforce Your Training Program

There's nothing more frustrating than implementing a new training solution and not being able to..

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Sales Training Tip: How to Increase Your Sales Team's Potential

You’ve trained your team but they’re not living up to their full potential. Reinforcement will..

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The Future of Training Reinforcement

Training is essential for learning new knowledge and staying up to date. However, training isn’t..

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Infographic: Training Reinforcement in 2015

Did you know knowledge starts to fade within one day after training has ended? For training to..

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The Reinforcement of Knowledge

Here is a brief summary of some of the lessons the Mindmarker methodology incorporates to form a..

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About Mindmarker Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced. Read more about us »
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