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What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation?

By understanding what motivation is and how it works, your organization can create an engaging..

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12 Inspirational Learning Quotes from Industry Leaders

As difficult as training may be at times, it's important to always teach and improve your..

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How to Design an Impactful Training Reinforcement Program

When planning your program, the right design can make the difference between an impactful..
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What is Actionable Intelligence?

The true value of a reinforcement program comes from its ability to make powerful organizational..

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How Microlearning Increases Engagement

Without engaging content to keep learners invested, it is nearly impossible to change behavior..

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Best Practices to Increase Training Effectiveness

At Mindmarker, we coach clients on how to utilize our proven methodology to drive behavior..

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Top Facts You Should Know About Training Reinforcement

Training reinforcement goes beyond reminding learners by using meaningful content from your..

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How to Measure Leadership Training Effectiveness

Over $15.5 billion is spent annually on leadership development. Still, research shows that most..

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About Mindmarker Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced. Read more about us »
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