Corporate Learning & Training Conferences

Corporate Training & Learning Reinforcement

To see real-time behavior changes, training programs must become a continuous part of your organization's culture.  Here are the top five corporate training reinforcement conferences we recommend.

1. Online Learning Conference

Set for September 20–22 in Chicago, the 2016 Online Learning Conference benefits newcomers and veterans in the online learning community. This year’s keynotes focus on gamification, IoT, design sprinting, and best practices in e-learning innovations. CLOs can go hands-on in the Training Technology Test Kitchen, where “master chefs” discuss learning design, apps, new technologies and more. 

2. European CLO Congress

The 4th Annual European CLO Congress will be held September 20–21 at the Hotel Hilton in Barcelona, Spain. Co-locating with this year’s CLO Congress is the 10th Leveraged Finance Conference, which offers additional networking and learning opportunities. Attendees will discuss learning economies and investments, sustainable growth, and future issues through interviews, private meetings, think tanks, and discussions.

3. The CLO & Talent Management Forum

This year’s CLO & Talent Management Forum is scheduled for September 25–27, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ. High-altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs is slated to deliver a gripping keynote on the three Ps — patience, persistence and passion — and how they can help business leaders achieve their objectives. Breakout sessions explore issues of leadership development, engagement, paradigm shifting, and human resources. Every session is designed to give CLOs an overview of emerging trends with an emphasis on effective strategy implementation. 

4. Learning, Development and Talent Executive Forum

The CLO Forum’s Spring Learning, Development and Talent Executive Forum will be held at New York’s Harvard Club on April 20, 2017. This high-level event reviews case studies in the online learning forum with the aim of sharing best practices, learning from peers, and discussing key issues. Small discussion groups and interactive workshops allow attendees to practice core teachings. 

5. Deloitte Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Forum

An invitation-only event for senior learning executives, the Deloitte CLO Forum examines innovative learning practices as they relate to the business side of e-learning. Leaders will have the opportunity to collaboratively set the learning agenda for the next five years.

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