Is Sales Training Reinforcement a New Concept?

Is Sales Training Reinforcement a New Concept?

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According to ES Research, 85-90% of sales training fails after 120 days because it is not reinforced.

Without reinforcement, it is nearly impossible to make learning stick and achieve increased performance results.

Relying on sales managers to implement the post-training reinforcement is not the best solution. E-mail follow up and reminders are often ignored. Sales teams today are global, so it is difficult to manually coordinate a time to follow up.

The Mindmarker system can make this follow-up a seamless continuation of the training. Our program implements a structured, automated reinforcement program that will significantly increase your ROI by:

  • Continuing to motivate sales people long after the training ends
  • Providing a structured way to implement the learning into day-to-day activities
  • Ensuring knowledge retention through analytics
  • Encouraging your sales team to exhibit the “best practice” behaviors daily
  • Providing sales managers with the ability to monitor the results
We encourage you to look at implementing a Mindmarker reinforcement system; a goal-based system designed to help and support your learners to achieve the objectives. It will be the best training investment you make.

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Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced. Read more about us »
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