Mindmarker Leadership Training Reinforcement Success Story

Mindmarker Leadership Training Reinforcement Success Story

This client is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the United States.

The organization's end goal was having their leadership team increase performance and consistently address situations more effectively. The client's participants are currently enrolled in a partner leadership training course that includes Mindmarker Training Reinforcement.

Using a variety of scenarios and assignments, Mindmarker has successfully changed participants' behaviors to better align with the organization's learning objectives.

After the first nine weeks of reinforcement, Mindmarker accurately showed knowledge gaps within the organization. By closing these gaps, the organization increased their training impact with lasting behavior changes and increased knowledge retention.

Additional successes from using Mindmarker Training Reinforcement:

  • 44% increase in participants that consistently addressed situations more effectively based on key principles learned during leadership training
  • 24% increase in participants' ability to identify their "blind spot"
  • 96% of the participants answered all the knowledge questions correctly
  • 60% of the participants answered all scenario questions correctly

leadership training reinforcement success story

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