Success Story: Healthcare IT Sales

Success Story: Healthcare IT Sales

Healthcare IT Sales Training

Running a healthcare IT sales department and providing continuous training activities can be challenging without a reinforcement program.

The healthcare organization's sales training department worked with Mindmarker Reinforcement Specialists to create a goal-based reinforcement program that would help their sales people transition to their new Opportunity Management Structure.

The overall goal for reinforcement was to increase the sales person's accuracy in pipeline management and forecasting skills.

The Solution

We created a 5-month reinforcement program that focused on changing a salesperson's forecasting behavior and pipeline management.

The reinforcement program included:

  • 107 participants
  • 4 knowledge questions
  • 2 open-ended questions (self reflection)
  • 11 text-based Mindmarkers
  • 17 images to support assignments
  • 6 inspiring videos for structure and scenarios

The Results

The organization used Mindmarker Training Reinforcement over a period of 5 months to help increase pipeline management accuracy and forecasting skills. 92% of participants finished the reinforcement program, with 84% of all knowledge questions answered correctly.

There was a noticabel adoption of the new Opportunity Management structure, which has led to:

  • 26.4% of participants seeing 'additional' successes from reinforcement
  • 30% of participants now have matching sales stages

Mindmarker Healthcare IT Sales Case Study

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