Benefits of Gamification

3 Benefits of Gamification in Learning Reinforcement

Gamification is an effective way to increase knowledge retention and drive behavior change.

Here are three benefits of gamification in reinforcement:

1. Increases the Impact of Training

When it comes to traditional instructor-led training sessions, it can be difficult for learners to translate knowledge to on-the-job application.

Gamification reinforces traditional training courses by giving participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-life simulations. By doing these activities, learners are able to further develop their new skills, apply what they learned in training, and begin to change behavior. 

2. Instant Feedback to Reinforce Training Objectives

A sense of achievement and consistent feedback is crucial for training to have a long-term impact. 

Interactive gamification not only encourages participants to remain engaged with the content but also provides instantaneous feedback to contextualize training objectives.

Leaderboards inspire friendly competition among peers and incentivize individuals to get their best scores. Based on your audience and company culture, you can select the most suitable leaderboard.

3. Learning Environment Can Adapt & Evolve to Needs

When done correctly, gamification can encourage engagement and drive results. 

If you want the program to be mutually beneficial for your learners and the organization, your approach has to be strategic and backed by methodology, like Mindmarker's. 

One of the greatest benefits of gamification in training reinforcement is the adaptive learning experience that can be tailored to every training type. 

If you are considering adding gamification to your reinforcement strategy, be sure to use the Mindmarker reinforcement methodology to achieve the best results.   

Looking for more research on gamification and other learning theories? Download The Science Behind Mindmarker eBook to learn more about the Mindmarker methodology behind reinforcement.

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