Mindmarker utilizes technology to provide a personalized and adaptive learning experience through gamification, social learning, and mobile  reinforcement.

5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Reinforce Training

5 Ways You Can Use Technology in Training

Personal development is a continuous process and unique to each individual, which is why Mindmarker provides an adaptive technology-driven learning experience.

1. Gamification

Gamification not only makes learning fun, but also helps learners apply their new training principles back on the job.

By utilizing real-world scenarios, gamification shows learners exactly how to apply their training. 

Gamification can also stimulate friendly competition. When learners are motivated by their peers, they are more likely to remember, apply, and change their behavior`.

2. Social Learning

Social learning not only builds community in the workplace, but also allows learners to apply their new skills, share their experiences, and discuss any issues.

Social learning methods can include online forums where learners can ask and answer questions, engage with interactive chats, or participate in roundtable discussions.

Social learning is critical to building a positive company culture that supports your learners throughout their journey.

3. Video and audio

While video and audio training is not new, technology makes this content easier to consume. Interactive elements stimulate learner engagement, increase retention, and reinforce your objectives. 

4. Adaptive Learning

When results are important, an adaptive learning environment that lets staff learn at their own pace is best to reinforce skills. Adaptive environments also increase effectiveness by accommodating different learning styles to best suit each learner.

5. Learning on the Go

The Mindmarker methodology offers a comprehensive, flexible learning program for personalized learning. The platform, available via smartphone, tablet, or computer, upholds the highest security standards, syncs across all your devices, and easily adapts to your environment.

Learn more about the science, research, and studies behind Mindmarker's methodology in our eBook, The Science Behind Mindmarker.

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