Reinforcement vs. Reminders

Reinforcement is More than Reminding

What Works: Reminder Services vs. Proven Mindmarker Reinforcement

What makes reinforcement so much more powerful than simple reminders? 

How Does a Reminder Service Work?

Reminder services help remind participants of what they learned during training. Reminder services use many different methods like:

  • Email reminders
  • Text messages
  • LMS-based reminders
  • eLearning software

Why Keeping Participants Engaged is Difficult

Reminder messages contain snippets of repetitive training materials placed on a reoccurring schedule. 

A learner will not remain engaged without customized courses, a variety of training modules, specific learning objectives and an adaptive program timeline.

What is Training Reinforcement?

Newfound knowledge starts to fade as soon as the participant walks out the door. For training to have the most impact, it must be reinforced.

Reinforcement Creates Measurable Behavior Change

Mindmarker uses your training material, learning objectives, and reinforcement goals to reinforce important skills learned during a training event.

Each reinforcement message is expertly crafted to increase knowledge retention, achieve measurable learning objectives, and drive lasting behavior change.

The Science Behind Mindmarker

The Mindmarker methodology takes science, analysis, and studies from the past 10 years to create lasting behavior changes.

With personalized messages, custom branding, and analytics all in one powerful, structured system, Mindmarker brings training reinforcement to a whole new level.

Read more about our proven methodology in The Science Behind Mindmarker.

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About Mindmarker Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced. Read more about us »
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