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How Does Spaced Repetition Impact Memory?

How does spaced repetition tie into Ebbinghaus' Forgetting Curve to help reinforce memory retention?

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Myths About Personalized Learning

We define personalized learning as using technology to give learners greater control over their learning experience.

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Success Story: Healthcare IT Sales

Running a healthcare IT sales department and providing continuous training activities can be challenging without a reinforcement program.

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Reinforce Your Training Program

There's nothing more frustrating than implementing a new training solution and not being able to track its impact. How do you make your training..

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Helpful Tips on Implementing Reinforcement

Here are a few tips that will help you begin the process of implementing a reinforcement program for your organization.

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How Effective is Your Sales Training?

Pulling a sales member out of the field for additional training will often have little-to-no effect on your organization’s bottom line and can..

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Mindmarker Success Story: Support Services for Secure Facilities

This client is the leader in support services for secure facilities in the United States. 

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Mindmarker Leadership Training Reinforcement Success Story

This client is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the United States.

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