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Optimize Your Learning Event

Get the most out of corporate learning events by actively participating and networking with peers to find new opportunities and enrich your..

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Avoid Passive Learning Moments by Creating Social Friction

When we create a reinforcement program, we want learners to engage with the material.

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3 Tips to Improve On-the-Job Performance

Training helps new employees learn the skills required to perform their job. But training doesn’t necessarily cause a lasting behavior change.

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5 Levels of Training Evaluation

The Mindmarker reinforcement evaluation is a step-by-step approach to develop key measurements that influence the future of your organization. The..

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10 Key Benefits of Adaptive Learning

People learn at their own pace. If your training does not provide adaptive learning, the slow learners will eventually "switch off" over..

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5 Quick Facts About Training Reinforcement

What exactly does training reinforcement entail? Here are five quick facts about training reinforcement. 

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3 Ways to Effectively Reinforce Corporate Training

There are a few easy ways to make your new program more effective.

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Why You Need to Reinforce Employee Onboarding

Organizations conduct training on a variety of topics, but employee onboarding training is one of the most critical. 

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Understanding The Forgetting Curve

Within days, learners begin to forget the important information they learned during training.

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