Our Tips for Working from Home -Use Mindmarker as a tool to maximize employee productivity

Our Tips for Working from Home with Mindmarker

COVID-19 has forced employees to make working from home (WFH) the new standard. Even though many companies have already been testing this alternative, the recent pandemic is a true test to see how employees perform from home. Using Mindmarker's intuitive online learning  platform will maximize the advantages of WFH. Here are our tips to utilize Mindmarker while WFH:

  1. Join our free Mindmarker learning journey! During this program, we share tips and tricks to help you properly transition to working from home. Test yourself to see how well your environment, routine, schedule, communication, and body are optimized for working from home.
  2. Make the most out of this time by learning! This unexpected circumstance is the perfect time for employees to develop skills by using online learning resources. Many organizations are currently offering online courses for free. Then, reinforce the topics employees learn and check their progress using Mindmarker.
  3. Continue your conversation with employees. Intuitively engage in conversation with employees while they are out of the office. With Mindmarker you can set daily reminders, tasks, and share custom push notifications to keep your employees on task and engaged. 
  4. Use the Mindmarker system to reinforce your material. Mindmarkers are strategically spaced to reinforce the course material you are learning. Focusing on the same task for too long is draining, use the timing in which Mindmarkers are sent as a strategy for keeping tasks varied to increase at-home engagement. 
  5. Share tailored content to engage with your employees. Mindmarker is an intuitive tool that is flexible in the types of content you share with users. You can share content in the form of video, audio, documents, action cards, engaging questions, and quizzes. For example, share custom video content on Mindmarker to reinforce learning material and motivate employees to achieve their learning goals.
  6. Eliminate distractions. Whether your distractions are the people you live with, a TV too close to your workstation or the phone sitting beside you, you are the only person able to hold yourself accountable when you WFH.  You are most productive when all you have in front of you is your computer. Use Mindmarker’s web-based platform to continue to learn and receive notifications to engage your mind and keep you moving forward. 

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