Improve Sales Productivity

improve sales productivity

How to Increase Sales Productivity After Training

Training typically stops after the learner finishes their course. However, Training should encompass everything that happens during AND after your training event. Your learners can only increase their productivity if they close the most common reinforcement gaps after training has ended.

Understanding the 5 Reinforcement Gaps

Closing the Knowledge Gap

Learners must first know and understand what they have learned before they can apply it. Evaluate if they’ve learned what they needed to from the training during reinforcement by including knowledge check questions and surveys.

Closing the Skills Gap

Bridging this gap is essential. Just because your learners have been "trained" doesn’t mean that they can implement what they’ve learned.

Once you’ve closed the knowledge gap, ensure that your learners can transfer this into real life application. Scenario questions are the best way to close this gap.

Closing the Motivation Gap

Your sales team needs to be passionate to be productive. Ensure that they feel value in the training and reinforcement program. Make sure the question “Why?” is answered in your reinforcement program.

Closing the Environment Gap

For the highest productivity levels, ensure that the work environment promotes that failure leads to learning. There is a culture associated with advancing knowledge and skills, along with the time and ability to practice what is being learned.

Closing the Communication Gap

A productive organization communicates regularly. We suggest weekly meetings that open communication and build trust. Learn more about the 5 reinforcement gaps in our eBook, The Science Behind Mindmarker.

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