The Future of Training Reinforcement

The Future of Training Reinforcement

Training is essential for learning new knowledge and staying up to date. However, training isn’t finished when the course ends.

Current Training Reinforcement

Training can take many forms, no matter the mode of training delivery, the goal is usually the same: to deliver certain learning objectives to the participants.

Your training might have been well designed and facilitated, but if training is viewed as “completed” when the participants leave the classroom, your program is destined to fail. This is where current training reinforcement misses the mark.

The Future of Training Reinforcement

For participants to fully realize the training’s learning objectives, they must reinforce and apply what they have learned back on the job. This reinforcement and application should be measured over a long span of time to prove the training’s effectiveness.

Reinforcement is not the same as reminding. While it can be helpful to follow up a training with some reminder content, that’s still not providing opportunities for application. Training Reinforcement allows learners to apply what they have learned and reflect on their progress.

Reinforcement and Measurement Over Time

The initial training should not only have learning objectives, but contain behavior outcomes as well. These behavior outcomes are reinforced, along with the learning objectives, over the course of the Training Reinforcement.

Participants must also receive some kind of feedback during their Training Reinforcement program. They should be able to see their own progress with both learning objectives and behavior outcomes. This essential information can only be provided by reinforcing the training and measuring the progress over time.

Does your Training Reinforcement Program Measure Up?

Are you reinforcing the training, providing opportunities for application, and measuring participant progress over time? Remember, training is not finished once participants leave the training room, it’s just getting started.

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