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5 Tips for Effective Sales Training

If you are planning or revising your training program, then you will want to learn these 5 tips to effectively train your team.

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Measure Behavior Change with Repeating Survey Questions

Because survey questions are used to measure behavior changerepeating survey questions are a critical part of the reinforcement process.

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How to Measure Leadership Training Effectiveness

U.S. organizations spend over $15.5 billion on leadership development annually. Still, most organizations do not feel confident in these success..

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The Important Components Of Reinforcement

Reinforcement increases participants’ knowledge retention and positively influences their behaviors. Application and implementation are the most..

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What is Actionable Intelligence?

The true value of a reinforcement program comes from its ability to make powerful organizational change using Actionable Intelligence.

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How to Design an Impactful Training Reinforcement Program

The right design can be the difference between an impactful program and one that fails to create lasting change.
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What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation?

By understanding what motivation is and how it works, your organization can create an engaging training reinforcement program.

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How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning data into Actionable Intelligence. 

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