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What’s Next? Three questions for HR Professionals

Mindmarker constantly surveys clients to ensure organizations achieve the desired results from training. The insight gained from HR professionals..

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Why Investing in Training Reinforcement Leads to Largest ROI

Training reinforcement increases knowledge retention and results in significant behavior change. Here are 6 reasons why companies invest in..

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When is a Question a Good Question?

During a reinforcement course, we gather as much data as possible. This provides organizations with the information to analyze their training,..

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5 Ways to Spend Less Time Following Up After Training

Many trainers struggle with is post-training follow-up, this is an essential step to have the highest impact possible.

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How to Increase Sales Productivity After Training

Training typically stops after the learner finishes their course. However, Training should encompass everything that happens during AND after your..

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Sales Training Tip: How to Increase Your Sales Team's Potential

You’ve trained your team but they’re just not living up to their full potential.

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10 Misconceptions About Reinforcement

When planning a reinforcement program, you've got to understand common misconceptions and plan your training accordingly. 

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How to Strengthen Memory Retention

Whether it is as simple as misplaced keys or as unnerving as walking into a classroom with no memory that a major test was scheduled, forgetting..

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Closing the Five Gaps of Reinforcement

Just because participants have undergone training doesn’t mean their behaviors will change. A lack of consistent reinforcement after completing a..

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