How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Start Generating Actionable Intelligence

How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning data into Actionable Intelligence. 

Before you can determine what to measure, review your training goals and define your reinforcement objectives

Translate Knowledge into Intelligence

Reinforcement data must be translated into Actionable Intelligence before you can improve your business. 

Converting Data into Actionable Intelligence

Mindmarker will provide you with the data, but it is useless iyou don’t turn your post-training data into Actionable Intelligence. 

Here is the process: 

  1. During your reinforcement program, data is being collected from Mindmarkers. The first step is to organize this data.

  2. Once organized, the data is converted to information in the form of customized reports.

  3. Analyze these reports to convert it into knowledge.

  4. Knowledge then becomes Actionable Intelligence used to predict future outcomes. 

  5. Based on this intelligence you can identify potential decisions.

  6. Make the decision and take action

The cycle continues as you then measure the results of these actions. Organize the new data and convert it into Actionable Intelligence. 

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