Barbara Carnes, Hits the Sweet Spot

Barbara Carnes, Hits the Sweet Spot

In Carnes' book “Making Learning Stick,” she describes 20 easy and effective techniques for training transfer.

Donald L. Kirkpatrick, author of Evaluating Training Programs and Transferring Learning to Behavior, offered his review of "Making Learning Stick":

“Barbara’s book has many new and practical ideas for making training stick. She continues to impress readers with valuable suggestions such as meeting before and after learning programs to discuss implementation of applicable concepts that the learner brought back to the job.”

The ideas behind making training stick combined with a professional reinforcement program is very valuable for continuous development. It offers many great insights and we recommend that you add it to your reading list. 

Making Learning Stick, Barbara Carnes, Book Cover
Making Learning Stick, Barbara Carnes, Book Cover
ISBN: 978-1-56286-679-2
Visit to order a copy.
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