6 Things Trainers Can Do to Improve Reinforcement Success

6 Things Trainers Can Do to Improve Reinforcement Success

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Your reinforcement success relies on the trainer's understanding and implementation of the program.

Prior to your training event, you should:

1. Invite the trainer to participate in the Reinforcement Program. This will allow the trainer to experience the entire process before any of your participants do.

2. Check with your trainer and make sure they have a complete understanding of the Reinforcement Program.

During your training program, your trainer should take the following steps:

3. Mention to participants that they will receive a Mindmarker invitation email the morning of the last day of class.

4. During relevant moments, the trainer should make connections to the material and the upcoming Reinforcement Program.

  • “You’ll receive a video Mindmarker on this topic.”
  • “There will be several Mindmarkers covering this topic.”
  • “Look for a Mindmarker with a very interesting white paper on this topic.”

5. On the last day of training, your trainer should take 10 minutes to introduce an example Mindmarker and explain the reinforcement process.

6. Consider adding additional messaging from program stakeholders to reinforce the importance and purpose of the Reinforcement Program. State that participation and progress will be continually monitored to facilitate success.

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