What is Actionable Intelligence?

Create Organizational Change with Actionable Intelligence

What is Actionable Intelligence?

Training reinforcement has many benefits, but the true value of a reinforcement program comes from its ability to create a large pool of data that can be used to create organizational change. We call this Actionable Intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence is used to make decisions about an organization’s training programs, helping to increase its effectiveness with behavior change and increased knowledge retention.

Simply collecting data is not creating Actionable Intelligence. You must analyze reinforcement data and use it to make predictions on why and what will happen, creating intelligence. Then, using your new intelligence, you’ll identify potential decisions regarding your training.

This is the true value of a reinforcement program: finding current issues and predicting future ones. But how do you know if you’re collecting the right information?

Collecting the Right Information

The first thing you should ask yourself when dealing with a training reinforcement program is: “Am I collecting the right information about my participants?” Many training programs are not built to create Actionable Intelligence, but instead rely on traditional data-collection methods such as end-of-training surveys (happy sheets) and reminder services.

Understanding exactly what happened during training and how to increase the effectiveness of your training takes more data and information than you can collect with traditional methods. Actionable Intelligence can only be gathered using a structured reinforcement program.

Begin with the End in Mind

When creating a reinforcement program, it’s important that you start with the end in mind. What data do you need to collect in order to make organizational decisions that will impact your training and its return on investment?

Are you looking for an increase in sales, a decrease in deals lost, an increase in customer retention? If you start with the end in mind, you can make better decisions when analyzing your training reinforcement data. Start by setting training goal and reinforcement objectives

Convert your post-training data into Actionable Intelligence:

  1. Collect and organize your reinforcement data.
  2. Convert your reinforcement data into valuable information using customized reports.
  3. Analyze this information and convert it into intelligence.
  4. Based on your new intelligence, identify potential decisions.
  5. Make decisions and take action based on your Actionable Intelligence.

How Will You Use Your Data? 

How will you use Actionable Intelligence gathered from your training program? Although it’s ultimately up to you or your clients as to how you use the data gathered from your reinforcement program, we advise clients to use this information as soon as possible to see an increase in their results. Don’t wait until the end of your program before you analyze the data and make organizational changes!

The availability of reinforcement data is not an immediate way to improve the effectiveness of your training. You must take this data and convert it into Actionable Intelligence using our 5-step process.

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