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Attending a Training Conference or Learning Event?

Attending one of these corporate learning or training  conferences in the near future? Get the most out of the event, find new opportunities, and enrich your organization by actively participating and networking with peers. This way, you will leave the event with a rich understanding of CLO trends, new learning opportunities, and best practices on how to implement the lessons you've learned.

Do Your Homework Before Attending an Event 

Before you attend an event, review the list of presentations and determine which panels and discussions are the most relevant to your interests. 

What are the most crucial questions that you want to be able to answer in the next year? Which panels can help you develop timely, comprehensive answers to these questions? Will you also have the opportunity to listen to what others across the globe?

(Check out Mindmarker's session at the upcoming ATD 2017 conference here.)

Stay Organized and Take Notes

Keep organized notes during the events, so you can refer back to what you learned and put the lessons into practice. After you’ve invested your time and money in participating in these events, being organized helps you make the most of your investment. Schedule meetings to share the lessons learned with your team and develop plans to implement key concepts. 

Make the most of networking opportunities and “down time” by identifying whom is on your “wish list” to speak to and why you want to connect with them. Then, make it a goal to personally meet these people during events and ask the questions that only they can answer. 

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