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How Microlearning Increases Engagement

Both reinforcement and learner engagement are both critical to training success. Keeping..

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Best Practices to Increase Training Effectiveness

So you’re ready to start your first reinforcement program but you would like a little guidance...

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Avoid Passive Learning Moments by Creating Social Friction

When we create a reinforcement program, we want learners to engage with the material. Avoid..

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5 Tips for Effective Sales Training

You hired your sales team because you needed strong communicators who have the verbal skills to..

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3 Tips to Improve On-the-Job Performance

We all know the importance of training. It helps new employees learn the skills and knowledge..

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Increasing Knowledge Retention with Reinforcement

Knowledge retention is an important component in establishing behavior change, but in order to..

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How to Effectively Change Behaviors

The main focus of any training and development department is to create the most effective..

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10 Key Benefits of Adaptive Learning

When peers are moving at different paces, the slow learners will inevitably fall behind those..

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Mindmarker addresses a common problem: learners return from a training or eLearning course and quickly forget the information they just learned and revert back to old habits. For training to have the most impact, it has to be reinforced. Read more about us »
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