Effectively Training Your Sales Team

Top 5 Tips for Effective Sales Training

5 Tips for Effective Sales Training

You hired your sales team because you needed strong communicators who have the verbal skills to convince your leads to buy your product or service. If you are planning or revising your sales training program, then you will want to learn these 5 tips to effectively train your sales team.

1. Focus on the WHY

Your sales training should focus on the end result. What is the desired outcome from the sales training? How will your learners benefit from using the new knowledge and skills learned in your sales training? Is it improving their product knowledge? Are you helping them with closing more deals? When your learners understand why you want them to learn a new selling approach, they will be more likely to adopt the new behavior going forward. 

2. Give Honest Feedback

Many trainers are hesitant to provide honest feedback to their sales representatives out of fear of hurting their confidence. When your goal is to help your learners do their very best, you do not need to fear giving feedback. 

Praise your learners when they do accomplish their sales quota or implement a new type of selling method learning during their training. If your learns don't seem to be understanding a particular message, then address the communication or knowledge gap by providing feedback. They may not like to hear they are missing the mark, but they must receive the feedback.

Reinforcement programs can help learners measure their performance and receive feedback that is generated via our training platform instead of directly from their manager. This can help managers avoid awkward conversations and while still guiding their learners toward acheiving the desired behavior change.

To emphasize teamwork, encourage your sales team to provide feedback to one another during training. This enforces bonds among staff. It also shows you who "gets it" and who does not. 

3. Encourage Friendly Competition

Your sales team will increase their performance when they know their peers are looking out for them. The Mindmarker leaderboard features measures your learner's performance and shows your learners how they are performing against their peers. This helps learners know exactly where they should focus their attention and what they need to improve. 

A leaderboard can help your organization encourage friendly competition. Place a leaderboard in a visible location, if you are doing place-based training. If you have online training, create a leaderboard module so that staff can see at a glance how they are doing relative to their peers. 

There are a lot more metrics that you can measure than just right and wrong. Feel free to get creative with the things you measure on your leaderboard. You could measure the response time (since this can make or break a sale), the length of the answer, and the overall quality.

To incentivize learners to participate in your training reinforcement program, set up a reward system. Reward the person who is doing best at the end of the day, or who performs best across the end of the training series. 

4. Make Training Stimulating 

As you implement these different strategies, don't forget to assess your training a flow. The perfect training flow moves from focusing on basic principles to gradually focusing on more complex and challenging lessons.

Switch from individual to group work in the day to accommodate introvert and extrovert learners. At the same time, don't be so rigid that you cannot adapt to the particular audience. If everyone is tired after lunch, it may not be a good time for a scenario role-play. Switch things up as you need to, by reading your audience. 

If your training is too predictable, then your sales reps will get bored. Trust your learners to "get it" and avoid the temptation to over explain every part of the training.

5. Avoid Passive Learning Moments with Social Friction

Exercises are great training ice breakers. They allow reps to figure out the best approach to a problem under a time constraint. Learners can figure out what to do. Even if the approach they take isn't the right one, it increases their skills at reacting under pressure.

Run through scenarios to keep the sales training fun, let your leaerners be creative, and make an effort to engage everyone. When you organize your training this way, your learners will get more out of your training and your business will benefit as a result. 

Learn more about how to create your sales training goals and determine reinforcement objectives in our step-by-step guide: 10-Step Guide to Determine Your Reinforcement Objectives

10-Step Guide to Determine Your Reinforcement Objectives Download Guide

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