Sales Training Tip: How to Increase Your Sales Team's Potential

Sales Training Tip: How to Increase Your Sales Team's Potential

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In sales training, we know this situation all too well: you’ve trained your team but they’re just not living up to their full potential.

You checked out books, you’ve read articles on the top training strategies, and you’ve sent the training back to your instructional designers for review.

But nothing seems to help. So how do you gain traction? How can you increase the potential of your sales team without changing up your curriculum or trainers?

It’s simple: start reinforcing knowledge and skills learned directly after your training has ended.

Closing the 5 Reinforcement Gaps

Increasing the engagement and potential of your training starts by making sure you are efficiently closing all 5 Reinforcement Gaps.

(Read more about Closing the 5 Reinforcement Gaps)

Once you have made sure your program closes the 5 Reinforcement Gaps, you can begin to work on increasing the effectiveness of your sales training program with a structured reinforcement program.

Make it Part of Your Learning & Development Culture

Once you have made a commitment to increase your training effectiveness through a reinforcement program, you should begin to make it an integral part of your training strategy and learning culture.

Reinforcement is not additional training, nor is it an assessment tool, but rather it’s an essential part of your complete training program’s success. Making reinforcement an integral part of your learning and development strategy can be the difference between a slight increase in productivity and the doubling of your training effectiveness.

Your sales team and managers will begin to see and experience progress and success as they realize why the original training was so valuable.

Identify Reinforcement Opportunities

Did you know that sales reps typically only spend one-third of their time on sales? It’s time to change that percentage. When you properly train and reinforce a sales rep, they are more likely to be productive and increase your organization’s bottom line.

So you have a reinforcement program in place, what next?

(Check out these 5 quick facts about training reinforcement)

It’s now time to take the data you’re gathering during your reinforcement program and produce Actionable Intelligence: the intelligence and insights produced from the valuable data in your reinforcement program.


actionable intelligence
Turning reinforcement data into Actionable Intelligence

When you begin a training reinforcement program, you will have access to data on every single participant in your program, allowing you to identify opportunities for feedback, support, and enrichment.

For example: as part of your reinforcement program, you ask your participants to identify the three habits that all effective leaders share (something you’d like for them to remember from classroom training).

But only one-fifth of your participants remember all three habits.

You have identified an opportunity for your training reinforcement program. In this case, you would want to reevaluate this particular area of your training. Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to increase knowledge retention:

  • Add an additional slide on the topic
  • Include a handout in your training materials
  • Cover the topic in your weekly sales meetings
  • Cover the topic in manager one-on-ones

Once you begin to identify these reinforcement opportunities, you’ll begin to understand where you can make connections after training instead of having to send the training back to instructional designers for revision.

Some of the Actionable Intelligence gathered from your training reinforcement program might indeed call for some revision of the original training content and/or material, but it’s what happens after the training that determines participants’ success.

Increase your sales team’s productivity with training reinforcement. Request your Mindmarker Demo today and learn how we can help you increase the effectiveness of your training without having to create new training content or revise existing content!

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