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How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning data into Actionable Intelligence to improve your training. 

Before you can..

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What is Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation?

What motivates your learners to apply your training back on the job? That is the question we always ask when building a Mindmarker training..

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12 Inspirational Quotes on Learning

Training is not always going to be easy. Let’s face it... there will be days that are harder than others, but as difficult as training may be at..

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How to Time Your Reinforcement Messages

What is the difference between reinforcement and reminders? There are many differences and timing is just one of them. Timing plays a critical..

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5 Ways You Can Use Technology in Training

Personal development is a continuous process and unique to each individual, which is why Mindmarker provides a personalized and adaptive learning..

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Are You Making One of These Sales Training Mistakes?

Despite instructional designers spending hours crafting the perfect sales training, the training does not deliver the results that your..

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Myths About Training Reinforcement

Training reinforcement is a relatively new concept, and because of that, we are often asked (or told) many different things that are not true...

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How to Design an Impactful Training Reinforcement Program

A reinforcement program is only as strong as its design. When planning your program, the right design can make the difference between an..
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Reminder Services vs. Mindmarker Reinforcement

If your training has been integrated into one of the major learning management system (LMS) providers, you probably have access to some type of..

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