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Measurement of Mobile Learning Effectiveness

Mobile Learning Still Doesn’t Measure Up

Although mobile learning still has a long way to grow, a lot of business and learning leaders are optimistic that mobile technologies are likely to improve their organizational learning in coming years. But what about the measurement of mobile learning effectiveness?

Study results suggest that organizational learning functions are remiss in measuring their success (or lack of success) in mobile learning.

The majority of organizations with active mobile learning programs admit that they have failed to put metrics in place to assess and demonstrate their mobile training program’s effectiveness.

Although the figure is down 6% from last year, the fact that 4 out of 10 mobile learning users can't prove ROl for their efforts isn't likely to win enthusiastic support for the approach. 

It is promising that study results reflect nearly 100%  growth in the proportion of companies that have put formal metrics in place to gauge mobile learning success.

On the other hand, at just 15% of the organizations with mobile programs represented in the study, the incidence of disciplined measurement remains minimal.

Measurement of Mobile Learning Effectiveness

Does your organization have any metrics in place to measure the effectiveness of learning delivered via mobile device?

So where does the problem lie? Maybe traditional measurement methods may not translate to the mobile environment, especially if content focuses on job aid or just-in-time support. 

How Organizations Measure Impact 

When learning functions do measure mobile learning formally, which metrics do they choose? Study participants choices of formal metrics included these:

» survey results
» test scores
» time spent using mobile devices per course
» percentage of training completed
» user registrations
» performance improvements
» qualitative metrics for pilot programs
» number of times content viewed
» content downloads

Don’t let your LMS system be leading in what you want to measure. What information do you really need to measure the progress? What specific statistics does the organization use to realize the results of mobile learning?

Mobile learning has a long way to grow, but don’t forget the development of effective measurement. Now is the time to innovate! 

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