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Anthonie Wurth

Top 3 Reasons Leadership Training Fails

Business investments in leadership training have grown significantly, now surpassing $14 billion in the US alone. However, despite these increased..

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Understanding The Forgetting Curve

We know this situation all too well: your learners have returned from their course, but within days, they begin to forget important information..

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Understanding the Five Gaps of Reinforcement

Just because participants have undergone training doesn’t mean they are prepared to immediately change their behavior as a result. In fact, lack..

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How to Strengthen Memory Retention

Important or not, forgetting something often causes people to question what is wrong with their memory, but in reality almost everyone has had an..

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10 Misconceptions About Reinforcement

When planning a reinforcement program, you must focus on reinforcing key skills and concepts in ways that staff will grasp. To do that, you've got..

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How Does Spaced Repetition Impact Memory?

The concept of the Forgetting Curve dates back to 1885, when the German psychologist Ebbinghaus developed his memory retention theory. Ebbinghaus..

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Myths About Personalized Learning

While personalized learning sounds fancy or expensive, it need not be either. All the term "personalized learning" means is using methodology..

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Corporate Training & Learning Reinforcement

Modern CLOs must plan on training and staff development as a continuous part of culture, not a set of one-time events or workshops. In terms of..

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Reinforce Your Training Program

There's nothing more frustrating than implementing a new training solution and not being able to track the impact it has on your training. I’ve..

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