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Anthonie Wurth

How to Measure Leadership Training Effectiveness

In 2013, Deloitte revealed that U.S. businesses spent a whopping $15.5 billion on leadership development. Despite sinking this much money into..

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Measure Behavior Change with Repeating Survey Questions

Because survey questions are used to measure behavior changerepeating survey questions are a critical part of the reinforcement process...

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Avoid Passive Learning Moments by Creating Social Friction

When we create a reinforcement program, we want learners to engage with the material. Avoid reactions like a head-nodding and eye-glazing from..

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5 Tips for Effective Sales Training

You hired your sales team because you needed strong communicators who have the verbal skills to convince your leads to buy your product or..

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3 Tips to Improve On-the-Job Performance

We all know the importance of training. It helps new employees learn the skills and knowledge required to perform their job. But training doesn’t..

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How the 7 Principles of Reinforcement Increases Impact

Looking for actionable tips on how to use reinforcement to improve training impact and increase results? We've outlined practical tips on how to..

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How to Develop & Reinforce Leadership Training Programs

You cannot construct an effective leadership reinforcement program by pushing all information to your learners at once. You must shift your..

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Increasing Knowledge Retention with Reinforcement

Knowledge retention is an important component in establishing behavior change, but in order to establish behavior change, participants must apply..

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How to Effectively Change Behaviors

The main focus of any training and development department is to create the most effective training program possible. Training programs should..

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