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Anthonie Wurth

How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning the data found in our Analytical tool into Actionable Intelligence to..

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5 Ways You Can Use Technology in Training

Personal development is a continuous process and unique to each individual, which is why Mindmarker provides a personalized and adaptive learning..

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Are You Making One of These Sales Training Mistakes?

Despite instructional designers spending hours crafting the perfect sales training, the training does not deliver the results that your..

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Myths About Training Reinforcement

Training reinforcement is a relatively new concept, and because of that, we are often asked (or told) many different things that are not true...

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How to Design an Impactful Training Reinforcement Program

A reinforcement program is only as strong as its design. When planning your program, the right design can make the difference between an..
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Reminder Services vs. Mindmarker Reinforcement

If your training has been integrated into one of the major learning management system (LMS) providers, you probably have access to some type of..

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The Important Components Of Reinforcement

Reinforcement encapsulates both the process of increasing participants’ knowledge retention, as well as changing their behaviors to better match..

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What is Actionable Intelligence?

Training reinforcement has many benefits, but the true value of a reinforcement program comes from its ability to create a large pool of data that..

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How Microlearning Increases Engagement

Both reinforcement and learner engagement are both critical to training success. Keeping learners engaged throughout a training program is an all..

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