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4 Common Sales Training Mistakes

Are You Making One of These Sales Training Mistakes?

Despite instructional designers spending hours crafting the perfect sales training, the training does not deliver the results that your organization’s executives intended. So what happened? And how can you fix it? We've analyzed the top mistakes that businesses make during their sales training.

Training isn't aligned to specific business objectives

One of the biggest sales training mistakes you can make is not aligning  your training with business objectives or WORSE not defining business objectives at all.

Before creating content for your sales training, leadership training, or management training, you must take into account business needs, goals, and desired outcomes.

Once you've defined business needs and the desired impact, you can start defining your objectives for your sales training. What knowledge and skills do you want your learners to apply after training has ended? What is the desired results of the sales training?

Learning doesn't incorporate active engagement

It’s important that you avoid spending a majority of your training lecturing participants, especially when training and reinforcing a sales team.

Instead, you should spend more time actively engaging your learners through social learning: group discussions, role playing, and team exercises. Learners remember and apply when they can actively participate in training.

Lack of commitment and support from management

Your sales force takes their cues from management, so it’s important that management is committed to coaching, following up, reinforcing skills, and assessing knowledge.

Management must understand and be onboard with the sales training process. Managers should demonstrate a commitment to supporting learners as they actively strive to achieve behavior change.

Manager support and coaching is critical to the learning journey, which is why managers should schedule regular meetings and facilitate personal follow-ups. 

Learning isn't continuous

Learning should not be a one-time event. Continually reinforcing sales training materials increases business impact and facilitates continuous growth. 

To learn more about how to create a continuous, personal and adaptive learning journey, download our eBook, How to Design, Implement, Improve Training Reinforcement.

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