How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Start Generating Actionable Intelligence

How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence

Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning the data found in our Analytical tool into Actionable Intelligence to improve your training. Because Mindmarker is not an assessment tool, the goal of a reinforcement program should not be to prove learners understand training materials, but instead the goal is to encourage learners to apply what they learned in your training. 

Converting Data into Actionable Intelligence

Before you can what is to be measured, you must first review your training goals and define your reinforcement objectives for behavior outcomes. 

Quiz questions, repeating survey questions, and/or open ended questions are used to gather data about the learner’s performance and measure behavior change throughout the reinforcement program.

Mindmarker Analytics will provide you with valuable data, but what will you do with this valuable insight? If you don’t do anything with this post-training data, then the data is useless.

Turn Your Data into Actionable Intelligence

The process below shows what you should do with your post-training data to make focused actions within your organization.

actionable intelligence

  1. During your reinforcement program, data is being collected from carefully crafted and planned measurement Mindmarkers. The first step is to organize this data.

  2. After you’ve organized the data it can be converted to information in the form of customized reports from the Analytical Tool.

  3. This information will be reviewed and the next step is to analyze the information to convert it into knowledge.

  4. Use this knowledge to predict why/what will happen. Knowledge then becomes intelligence.

  5. Based on this intelligence you can identify potential decisions.

  6. Make the decision and take action.

But the cycle doesn’t end here. The cycle continues as you then measure the result of these actions. Organize the data, convert it into Information, and so on. This is how raw data turns into Actionable Intelligence.

Translate Knowledge into Intelligence

Measuring is so much more than just knowing -- you must translate that knowledge into intelligence that drives your actions. 

For intelligence to have value it must deliver timely answers and actions in order to influence business outcomes. 

The availability of data is not an immediate way to improve your business. You must translate that data into Actionable Intelligence.

Statistical models that are missing large sets of data and don’t include influencing data never predict the future; they can be used only to identify past performance.

If you are serious about generating Actionable Intelligence to improve your organization, then you must adjust decision-making process and culture, open the lines of communication, align your intelligence to decision-making and support the process with technology.

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