5 Ways to Spend Less Time Following Up After Training

5 Ways to Spend Less Time Following Up After Training

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As a trainer, you often wonder if what you are teaching will have a lasting impact. Your instructional designer crafted your training course to have the highest impact possible, but what many trainers struggle with is post-training follow-up.

Without some form of follow-up and reinforcement, a typical learner will begin to forget information within days of the course ending. Your training impact has diminished and there is no lasting behavior change.

So what can you implement immediately in your follow-up program that will help you spend less time following up and increase your training impact?

Included below are the five ways to spend less time following up after training while still reinforcing for maximum knowledge retention and behavior change.

  1. At the end of your training course, make sure to have a reinforcement program ready to implement for your learners. Your learners will only remember information if content is reinforced over a period of time after training has ended; Ebbinghaus proved this with his forgetting curve.
  2. Gather feedback from your learners. What did they think of your trainer, the training course, the presentations, and the training material? Give your learners an opportunity to supply feedback about the training course.
  3. Are you testing the knowledge of your learners on a daily or weekly basis? Make sure you’re testing your learners’ knowledge, whether it’s through multiple choice questions or open-ended questions.
  4. Beyond knowledge retention checks, ensure that your reinforcement program provides the time and resources for your learners to practice, apply, and master the skills they learned in training.
  5. Create actionable intelligence with your reinforcement data. Actionable intelligence is reinforcement data that is used to take action, improve your training impact, and support continuous organizational development.

Spend less time following up after training this year; implement a reinforcement solution for your learners. With the right reinforcement solution, you can become more active in learning the impact your training has on learners and how their knowledge gaps can become actionable intelligence.

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